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The Book. A Global History. Edited by Michael F. Suarez, S.J. and H. R. Woudhuysen. Concise edition of the highly acclaimed Oxford Companion to the Book.
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The story of which of the two came first often devolves into the hen and egg story. In this, he not only engages with key thinkers of the modern and postmodern age including Jean Baudrillard and Michelle Foucault but also delves into representations of the experience of bicycling in important literary works by the likes of H.


Jerome Three Men on the Bummel, This serves the book well allowing for a multivalent yet focused enquiry into the story of the bicycle. The author debunks the theory of the hobby horse as the first prototype of the modern-day bicycle.

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It was only with metallurgical advances, the development of a safer design, and the ability for mass production in factories that the first real prototype of the bicycle, the safety bicycle , gained popularity amongst the middle and working classes in Western countries. A key observation Smethurst makes is how bicycles enable people to interact with new people outside their parish and explore more of their own country. Moreover, in the face of the violence, bloodshed, and insecurities of World War I, the bicycle reverted to being a conservative symbol of a stable, ordered society, domestic harmony, and economic security.

Global History, Globally: Research and Practice around the World: Sven Beckert: Bloomsbury Academic

This is one of the richest chapters in the book given the plethora and diversity of cultural narratives Smethurst draws upon to make his point. It draws on cartoon strips from periodicals and magazines, novels, plays, and memoirs, magazines like Mr. Two, wherein by the middle of the 20th. Here as in the earlier chapters, the author consults both travel accounts by British cyclists Fraser, Howe, and Lunn and local newspapers and magazines from the period such as the Picture Daily and The Chinese Illustrated News.

1916: A Global History review: midpoint for a world engulfed in war

This produces a substantial and rich cross-referenced narrative of colonial encounters at sites of human-machine engagements. Following the same strategy, the fourth and last chapter of the book ends by attending to current reports and accounts of emergent trends in bicycle cultures across the world: the demand for fashion bikes, the growing popularity of bike-share schemes, and the increasing build-up of discarded bicycle in trash pits in developing countries of the Global south.

How can historians compare different societies and establish compatibility across space? What are the politics of global history? This in-depth and accessible book also explores the limits of the new paradigm and even its dangers, the question of whom global history should be written for, and much more.

Written by a leading expert in the field, What Is Global History? Sebastian Conrad.

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The politics of global history.